Opening hours at La Reserva:
Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm & 4pm to 7pm
Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm

about us

La Reserva is a dog residence, a Kennel, located in Santa Cristina d’Aro (Girona) Founded in the year 91 by Mr. Vilanova. The family continues with the management and management. It is a five-star hotel for very special guests.

The residence welcomes all kinds of dogs of different breeds to which exclusive attention is dedicated. La Reserva is much more than a high-end kennel. First of all for its complete range of services. We not only do the boarding service for dogs of any type of breed, but we also classify them by characteristics, measurements, sex and specific needs that their owners transmit to us, who are the ones who know them best, in order to avoid conflict situations, disputes and incompatibilities between them.

What do we offer?

At La Reserva, a team of highly qualified professionals ensures that the dog lacks absolutely nothing.

Hair salon

Take advantage of your stay to leave it clean.

At La Reserva we have highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the beauty and hairdressing department, who offer personalized treatment at agreed times.


  • Preparation for exhibitions
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Trimming y stripping
  • Hygienic and dermatological control
  • Hair treatments


Let us help you train your dog.

We hold 1-hour classes with training professionals so you can learn how to train your dog. We hold sessions to address basic obedience to separation anxiety and aggressive behaviors. These are sessions where the owner learns to manage the dog and solve the dog’s behavioral problems. 

It is essential that the owner is, in order to have the maximum effectiveness.

Canine Products

Anything you could need for your dog we deliver it to your home.

We have a very complete store, we ship the products wherever you want. We have all kinds of feed from major brands such as Affinity, Advance or Nature’s Variety. In the end we have all the products the customer needs, as we are connected to all the suppliers on the market. We have all kinds of products such as leashes, beds, harness, bones and all kinds of anti-parasite products.

We also have canine cosmetic products such as shampoos, colognes and much more. Ask us what you need, or come and see us in the physical store we have


We take care of your dog as if it were our own

A transcendental element such as nutrition is especially taken care of by the residence. The dog follows the same diet as at home. Likewise, the health services provide veterinary care 24 hours a day.

Among its tasks, this department carries out the control of the vaccinations, care and medications that the dog needs, provides control and assistance to the parts and facilitates post-operative hospitalization.


We collect and bring your dog home.

To facilitate the transfer of your dog, we make available to our customers a transport service, which will be carried out by staff and in a vehicle from the Reserve, avoiding travel to our facilities thus saving time and possible inconvenience.

The transport cost is additional to the €25 per day fee and it varies according to the mileage.

Our Facilities


Garden, freedom in the air Free.

It’s an outdoor area, 10.000m2, where all the dogs enjoy themselves more and spend more time during the day. Also in the garden we have a reserved area dedicated to dog training.

Hair Salon and Dog Shop

We have a dog grooming salon ideal for leaving your dog looking good and looking good

In addition, we have a store specializing in food and accessories for dogs, where you can find everything you need and need when you bring or collect your dog from La Reserva. We also deliver to your home.

Luxury suites

The animal outbuildings are very comfortable

They are individual rooms of 12 square meters equipped with heating and ambient music, well oriented and very sunny, 5 stars.

Air conditioning

We have heating in each of the suites for winter and colder weather. In addition, in all the fields of the Garden, there is an automatic watering system to cool the dogs in the hot/summer season.

How to Book the stay for your dog?


Select the dates


Questionnaire about your dog


Select Added Services


Book online


Receive confirmation

All for only €25/day 365 days a year.

Our customers are very satisfied


Nacho Manent Limia.

Tratado estupendo a mis perros. Muy contento con su servicio. Sin ninguna duda mis perros volverán pronto.


carlota S.

es la segunda casa de Carlota. Ella entra muy contenta, a los animales no se les engaña. La llevo siempre allí y la cuidan con cariño. Son estupendos todos. Un 10.


Dr. Jaume Lerma.

Nino está feliz de ir. Muy recomendable!!!


Esther Alonso.

Muy contenta de haber dejado a Toby una vez más en esta residencia. Sin duda la recomiendo y nosotros volvemos seguro!! Lo han cuidado como un rey🙂


Elena BG

Muy contentos de cómo han cuidado a Ringo y a Gary. Contratamos el servicio de guardería de día y los colaboradores que nos atendieron fueron muy amables en todo momento: en particular, tuvieron en cuenta las necesidades de Ringo para que se acostumbrara al lugar y al resto de perros que estaban allí, ya que es un perro poco sociable y desconfiado.

Las instalaciones están muy bien organizadas y adaptadas para que jueguen libremente los perritos y para que disfruten en diferentes amplios compartimentos vallados y con césped.


Patricia Clavijo

Instalaciones muy correctas, los peludos se ven muy contentos y tienen mucho espacio para correr. La persona que nos enseñó el sitio se nota que disfruta mucho, tiene vocación por lo que hace y eso se nota. Reservamos para este verano, así que volveremos a puntuar nuestra experiencia ya como clientes y no solo como visitantes


Chantal Gutierrez

Me costó renunciar por unos días a la compañía de mi amigo peludo, pero sin duda estuvo bien cuidado, en un entorno privilegiado y socializando con otros canes. En fin, sus vacaciones bien merecidas. La atención me ha parecido profesional y pendiente de tus necesidades y las del perro. Gracias! 🙂


Yamila Cochetti

Super agradecidos ♥️del trato con Toby! Muy recomendables!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do offer that service for 20€ per day.

Yes, in socializing camps, and during these hours in the hut 13-15h (13-16h), (19-7/8 am.) depending on the solar time and temperatures.

Yes, unless the owner tells us they want to be left alone.

There are no webcams in the center, but if requested, daily videos of your dog are sent.

From Monday to Saturday we are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for check in and/or check out.

On Sunday we are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Group classes!

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     En la Reserva tenemos un personal altamente cualificado con gran experiencia en el departamento de belleza y peluquería,
    que ofrece un trato personalizado a horas convenidas.

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